9 Things That Will Make Your Essay Worthy of the Best Marks

November 10, 2021 0 Comments

Students get repetitive assignments like essay writing every semester. This tiring assignment affects the overall picture of academic performance greatly. Of course, every student wants to have good results to present to their loved ones, who demand marks that are above the average. Or a student might crave good grades as they associate it with intellect. Well, some students don’t care about their marks. Yet, every type of student will have to submit every single paper if they want to advance in studying. And it’s always better when the grades are at least good. 

When students have no energy for a regular essay, they might become interested in hacks that can make their essay writing more successful. So, here are some means that can make your essay worthy of appreciation by your professor! 

1. Write for a Potential Reader, Not for Yourself 

When you get to essay writing, remember that you write for others. If you want to express something understandable only for you, save it for your diary. Your writing should be clear and compelling, and the reader of your masterpiece needs full elucidation of the topic. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you have to explain axiomatic things. But adding simple yet bright instances and diluting dry facts with colorful examples is almost obligatory.

2. Combine Passive and Active Voice Giving the Preference to Active 

Some phrases sound better in passive voice habitually. It may even sound fancier than sentences in active voice. Yet, the active voice gives your sentences dynamics. Moreover, the person who reads your essay will be in the stream of what is happening now, when they are reading. 

Some students might think that using passive constructions makes their papers sound professional. Even advanced scientists overuse it sometimes. But the form is always secondary to the meaning. Yet, the explanation of a thesis doesn’t have to be dry and dull. 

Undoubtedly, you’ll use passive voice in your essay writing. But if you alternate passive and active voices, your essay will become high-powered. 

3. Mark Your Thoughts 

Any essay you write will have your original discourse. In general, the existence of our personality as a subjective component already means the selectivity of facts. That is why it is significant to separate objective facts from your comments. If there is an opportunity, present facts in whole quotes, and then explain your vision. So, don’t merge objective things with subjective ones. 

4. Find Materials That Can Back Your Concept Up 

Your opinion as an individual is naturally important. But it will shine brighter when you add some thoughts of experts that will second your concept. Moreover, when you use extra sources, your professor will see that you took your time to research for essay writing. Of course, an essay isn’t a research paper, so don’t apply quotes in every paragraph. A couple of quotes or mentions of others’ research will suffice. 

5. Get Rid of Excessive Wording 

Not only students, but experienced scientists, sometimes artificially complicate their papers. As a result, we have many useful works that are very hard to read and digest. So, try writing simpler sentences with more meaning. 

For instance, if you can express your concept in 300 words, then it’s amazing. Such brevity is the demonstration of deep understanding. So, if you can write short sentences with rich meaning, then expect your professor to appreciate your ecocomposition. 

6. Choose One Tone 

You can make your essay holistic if you stick to one manner of presenting your ideas. Get into the role of a speaker who maintains one image in front of an audience. Be either serious and dry or cheerful and friendly. Of course, if you choose to perform as a professional researcher, there is no room for anecdotes in your essay. And if you put on a mask of an entertainer, then complex statistics with dry explanations might look out of place. 

7. Consider Conflicting Positions

Every topic has different interpretations because every person is different. And the world of science is full of conflicts and contradictions. If you like an idea and want to implement it in your essay writing, then try paying attention to what opposes it. Again, your professor will notice how you conducted the whole research to write an essay. 

8. Correct Even the Nanoscopic Errors 

When you write an essay on any topic, your completed paper will remain a draft until you re-read and correct it. Be attentive to the maximum, as even the smallest flaws can make your grade dropdown. One typo is okay but what if your professor is notorious for being too strict? So, take your time to eliminate every mistake. 

Understandably, your essay must not contain problems with punctuation or grammar. If you aren’t sure about your literacy, you can check your essay in specialized programs. For instance, Grammarly and HemingwayApp can be good tools for that. And using them is always free! 

9. Get Help from a Pro Writer 

You can get rid of essay writing once and for all by using an essay writing service. These enterprises exist solely to help students on their path to professionalism in the field they chose. Given how much experience pro writers have in essay writing, they can ace your paper and get you the best marks. They can: 

  • write your essay from scratch; 
  • edit your essay so there are no inaccuracies; 
  • format your paper according to academic requirements; 
  • give you tested materials for future essay writing and research; 
  • help you get rid of any form of plagiarism; 
  • write your paper in a specific capacity; 
  • deal with your other assignments of any complexity. 

If you use an essay writing service once, you’ll obtain an unmarked exemplar of an essay that you can follow anytime. And of course, it will save your time and energy, but you’ll still get an A. 

In Conclusion 

To always get the best grades, you have to put in tons of effort. If you want your essay to greatly surprise your professor, then you’ll have to combine different methods of refinement. And if you don’t want to waste your time on essay writing, then using help from pro writers might be your best choice. 

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