The 8 Must-Haves of a Perfect Essay Writing Service

May 21, 2021 0 Comments

Essay writing is a constant curse for students who want to develop real skills in the field they chose. Assignments like that are repetitive, dull, and usually have no practical use. That is why so many students use essay writing services to maintain their performance without wasting eons of time on essays. 

Sure thing, a writing company might be good for you when it remains a concept. But when you start scanning the Internet in pursuit of the excellency of services, then comes the problem. Many students merely don’t know what a good essay writing service has to offer. It leads to spending money on a piece of garbage instead of paper. Or it leads to falling into the clutches of deceivers who then start blackmailing a student. 

To avoid any potential drawbacks, it’s better to learn in advance what a good essay writing service must-have. Of course, you might have extra requirements. Yet, there are basic standards every legit essay writing company should meet. 

1. A Huge Variety of Services 

An essay writing service is never only about essays. Of course, this can be the specialization. But usually, a professional writing company has resources to help you with your: 

  • term paper;
  • coursework; 
  • dissertation (also separate parts of your dissertation: chapters, introduction, conclusion); 
  • reports;
  • reviews – no matter the genre and the format of the medium;
  • homework; 
  • editing of any text. 

If the essay writing service has enough pro writers in their base, there will be no issue with assisting you. And that is the sign of legitimacy, as the company has more than 300 employees who work there officially. 

2. Degreed Assistants for any Subject 

As with the previous point, the essay writing service you like must have a huge team with different degreed writers. There must be a whole system with different departments. So, if you need a persuasive essay, the system will pick a person who can manage that. If you need math solving, then the system will provide you with a degreed mathematician. And if you need to write a dissertation, it will pick a Ph.D. with the same specialization as you have. 

3. Constant Support That Answers In 5 Minutes 

A good essay writing service works every day. Sure thing, pro writers work by shifts and get their beauty sleep and day-offs. The same thing is for the support team. Yet, there are at least 5 people online to hear you out any minute. 

On average, the longest you can wait is 5 minutes, plus or minus 15 seconds. But usually, the support answers seconds after you send them a message in the chat. Email might take longer. 

Sometimes you can get an answer from the bot, but that’s alright. In any case, someone from the support team will react to your needs. 

4. Secure Anonymous Chat 

By the way, about messages in the chat! Every good essay writing service has this in the system. Those chats are there to encode all the pieces of information automatically. So, whatever you type and send remains in an “unreadable” database that will delete this information soon. 

Of course, chats have to be anonymous for clients only. Your essay writer will have a profile picture and a real name but they won’t know yours. And your essay writer shouldn’t have any interest in your data. So, if they ask what your name is, you don’t have to think about politeness and answer. It’s advisable to not share any information about you as a person. 

5. Urgent Orders Managers 

Usually, a legit essay writing company can write your essay in 3 hours. Some of those companies can deal with your urgent paper only if you give them at least 6 hours. In any case, there must be professionals who can solve your academic problem in the shortest terms. 

Yet note that urgent orders cost much more. Such essays are never cheap. And if you want them to be affordable, then it’s worth ordering in advance. 

6. Licensed Programs That Detect Plagiarism 

Every good essay writing company must provide papers of only 100% originality. This high performance is achievable only if the company possesses official anti-plagiarism programs. Sometimes essay writing services cooperate with other companies that provide help with plagiarism. In any case, uniqueness is part of the price you pay to get an essay. 

If you’re not sure if your paper by pro writers is original, ask them to provide the check result. It’s not obligatory for them to attach it every time, so they might deliver your essay without this document. But it stays in the system for some time after you obtain your essay. So, there will be no problem with showing you that your essay is 100% unique. 

7. First-Time Use Discounts 

It is more a matter of manners than obligations of such companies. Not offering a new customer a discount is a sign of bad decorum of this particular essay writing service. Still, its work might be good, supreme even. Yet, all the best essay writers always give new students a discount. 

8. Official Documentation 

As every liable enterprise, an essay writing service must be transparent regarding documents. You can either find them at the bottom of the website or the top in a separate category. So, don’t be lazy to scan the website fully. And if you manage to find those documents, then the company is legit. If you can’t find them, contact the support and ask where you can read something like Terms of Use. 

In Conclusion 

All the listed must-haves are necessary if the essay writing service wants to help students at its finest. And students, in turn, have to be attentive to those peculiarities if they want safe help with their essays. Thus, it’s better to scan the website in advance and always have another option. 

All those things are also important when you want to avoid scammers and deceivers. Unfortunately, you can never be too cautious. 

Yet, if you find an essay writing service that meets all those standards, then you can order essays without second thoughts!

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