6 Unchallenging Ways to Expand Your Essay Without Compromising the Quality

November 10, 2021 0 Comments

Essay writing isn’t much fun. It is ten times more boring when you have to compose a vast paper. And sometimes synonyms can’t save the situation. So, what can a student do when their professor asks them to write a 5-page essay? 

Several methods can help you extend your paper. Expansion doesn’t even mean adding more and more ideas that need backup. So, here are at least 6 ways to expand your essay without altering it too much. But first, we need to understand why professors might ask you to write at least 3 pages. 

Why is the Number of Pages or Words So Important? 

Some students can explain their idea in a couple of sentences. This kind of brevity is useful and professional, yet, professors often insist on writing more. So, why do that if there is nothing else to elucidate and explain? 

The thing is, restrictions on writing make students use special skills. You have to be more accurate with structuring, logic, and be able to find the balance of coverage in your essay. For instance, your idea should be 4 pages long. In this capacity, you have to depict the object of your observation and get as much evidence and backup as possible. The hardest thing here is to find an equilibrium of writing about each point. And when you have more material than you can squeeze in, it’s not easy to cut something off as you see that you need EVERYTHING. If vice versa, you need more material, adding isn’t so complicated as cutting. 

Make It Longer By Refining Your Intro

This part of any essay shouldn’t be longer than 2 paragraphs. But those paragraphs can be a bit bigger if you need that. When you write an introduction you should add something that can catch the reader’s attention. But also, you have to write about your thesis in such a manner that it becomes understandable for your audience (even if it’s your professor alone). 

If you have already completed your essay, then re-reading is still obligatory. So, you’ll read your introduction again too. Pay attention to the content of your body text. Maybe there is something worth mentioning in the intro? 

Saturate Your Conclusion 

This final part doesn’t have to consist solely of summarized points of your essay. You also have to decide what solution would be the best for the case you elucidated. If you missed the solution part, it’s better to add it. And if you’ve already written about that, then try coming up with some alternatives. 

For instance, when you write about general ecological problems, you can advise sorting the trash. Sure thing, this is good advice. It has reasoning and practical use. But is it the only one? Why not also offer the idea of the use of alternative energy sources? And why not also offer volunteer cleaning activities for some areas? So, you don’t have to offer only one solution. 

Ask Your Family or Friends to Read Your Essay 

There are many benefits in sharing your structured ideas with your close ones. Firstly, they might notice some minor errors and typos. Secondly, they can come up with other bright ideas. And thirdly, they can answer if nothing is confusing. So, those will be people who put your essay through the test of clarity. And if some points aren’t as comprehensible as they anticipated them to be, then you can correct your explanation.

Use Quotes 

Again, this won’t only make your essay longer. It will also make your paper look more professional and deeper. When you use quotes from trusted researchers, that means that you’ve conducted research too. 

You can retell what you’ve read, or you can add the whole quote to your essay. And if you choose the second option, you should mark the quote somehow. The best way is to highlight it with italics and make margins narrower for this part of the text. Thus, when your professor reads this essay, they will notice how much effort you spent on this paper. 

Rephrase Some Sentences and Add More Transitions 

You might not even notice how your text needs this. Even in the most serious topics, scientific dryness is not obligatory. Add a bit more details when rephrasing and use some words like “therefore”. If you do this, your text will be more compelling and readable. Moreover, it will be like an unhurried flow of thoughts. 

Use an Essay Writing Service 

When you don’t have time for writing your essay that has to be 3 or more pages long, you can ask pro writers for help. Such professionals work with restrictions on capacity every day. Moreover, the employees of essay writing services are well aware of how an essay should look. So, if you buy an essay from them, you will: 

  • write an original essay from scratch based on your thesis; 
  • structure your paper so there are no flaws; 
  • cover the topic so there are no questions left unanswered; 
  • use appropriate terms and construct sentences with the maximum of meaning; 
  • use only trusted sources that have appreciation in the world of science; 
  • write your essay from the very beginning to the very end, from the headline to the last point of the bibliography; 
  • format your paper accordingly to your requirements; 
  • deliver your essay on time. 

What’s the best when you use essay writing services, you’ll get the best marks and will have the ideal material for future research. You can follow formatting or other things that are significant in academic essay writing. Another pleasant thing about essay writing services is that their help is usually cheap. And if you have yet to try it out, you’ll get a guaranteed discount for first-time use. 

In Conclusion 

You can combine all those methods to make your essay longer. It won’t take you more than 1 hour if you are diligent enough to alter your writing for the best. But if you have no desire to write long essays, you can always get professional help from essay writing services.

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